There's just something great about conversation.

There's a buzz you get from sharing a new idea or expressing yourself, when you can make something happen just by saying it. You feel truly engaged. You'll never get that from filling out a form or navigating an interface. That's why we're all-in on conversational UI.

Amazebot provides automation solutions and support to platforms and agencies building the next generation of conversational apps.


Our open source framework for enterprise teams is powering a new eco-system of independent conversation creators.

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We share technical solutions with our community and partners in the messaging space. Our focus is education, experience and execution to meaningfully solve problems for their audience.


We're proudly Australian, with roots in the Melbourne startup and chat community. We work with global brands and have users from Rio to Toronto, Hong Kong, Boston and beyond.

We're about Human Centred Bots...
Enhance not replace human conversation
Remove the mundane interactions
Engage in new and exciting ways

Rocket.Chat Partnership

They sponsor our open source projects and we've worked with their community since the beginning. We also consult to enterprise teams in the Rocket.Chat ecosystem.


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Be part of the future of conversation. Join our network of affiliated platforms and organisations building integrated chat experiences and services.

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We're sharing new features and learning from our maker community. Get access to support and help all our bots achieve their potential.

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