There's just something great about conversation.

There's a buzz you get from sharing a new idea or expressing yourself, when you can make something happen just by saying it. You feel truly engaged. You'll never get that from filling out a form or navigating an interface. That's why we're all-in on conversational UI.

Amazebot provides messaging automation strategy in partnership with organisations who use our technology.

Meet bBot


bBot is our conversation engine for building bespoke bots. It is open source and platform independent, making it secure, scalable and adaptive.


We're experimenting, iterating and sharing with our community. We give the technology away and focus on methodology, training and execution.


We understand the messaging space and partner with organisations to provide the means to meaningfully solve problems for their audience.

AUG '18

More guides and videos published as bBot moves into beta, including support for the new rich message UI in Rocket.Chat.

JUL '18

The bBot Conversation Engine alpha is published with docs and a demo using IBM Watson sentiment analysis.

JUN '18

Our collaboration with Rocket.Chat continues as mentors for Google Summer of Code projects expanding bot features.

MAY '18

Amazebot sponsors the Melbourne Chatbot Messaging & AI community meetup.

APR '18

We're working with Rocket.Chat to improve support for its international community of bot creators, from hobby hackers to enterprise teams.

MAR '18

Amazebot team wins the Blockstack Signature Fund bounty with a world first community chat platform for the decentralised web.


We're sharing new features and learning from our maker community. Get access to support and help all our bots achieve their potential.

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We're about Human Centred Bots

Enhance, not replace human interaction

Remove the mundane, for users and providers

Engage participants in new and exciting ways