The Chat Landscape

Currently, there are close to 2 billion users of messaging apps, increasing annually by 15.5%. While usage in most other app categories is declining. With this trend comes the proliferation of AI and chatbots as the new standard for reaching audiences. This trend will accelerate as chatbots become more intelligent, sophisticated and deliver more engaging experiences.

Benefits of Conversational Interfaces

Conversational interfaces can change to meet requirements on the fly in ways a conventional UI never will. Messaging is a simpler medium for small business and DIY creators than apps or websites, and publishers can achieve more with less resources. They can often facilitate faster outcomes for users, without the need to move between multiple channels.

Conversation can be translated and meet a range of accessibility requirements, through the versatility of text or voice assistants. Via a text based medium, we can also deliver services to the billions of bandwidth constrained users coming online.

The Problem

Big platform bots are servicing the initial transition. While they prove its value, they capture and control too much, slowing innovation and the growth of a true ecosystem. The quality of interactions on average is low, yet the users persist!

Many of the services and products available are inflexible, prone to change without transparency, limit features or scale through pricing models, and can't ensure the security or access to user data.

Enter Amazebot

The space is maturing and creators need more control of their product. There is immense value to be created and shared by becoming the driver for that evolution.

We can improve the quality of conversation and let people create on their own terms.

The industry is having a reaction to big platform dominance, moving towards open systems. In many sectors, the products that thrive are those that focus on benefit to the entire ecosystem. Sustainable revenue models are equitable with the growth they enable in their community. We will follow those examples, supporting the growth of the whole pie, instead of just taking a slice.

Amazebot will power a new ecosystem of independent conversation creators.

Who Are We?

Amazebot was founded by Tim Kinnane to support creators of unique, accessible and essentially human solutions for conversation. His work in energy and property startups exposed a massive shift in the world of service delivery and decision support powered by a new era of messaging technology.

Tim has 15 years experience bridging engineering, design and communications disciplines. Together with his wife Amy, who is herself a leading UX consultant specialising in Conversation Design on chat and AI projects, they steward a broad community of more than a thousand messaging professionals in their Melbourne Meetup group.

Through user research, community management and partnership with our clients, we are defining a unique model for creating conversational interfaces that balances engineering, design and even a dose of theatre. Get in touch to find out more.


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